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Walnut Shelving & Cabinet w/ Desk

American Walnut dominates this trio of built-in shelving and cabinet. A unique feature of this project is the small, swing-out desk incorporated into the cabinet. When not in use, the desk may be rotated into the cabinet. Mounted to the front panel of the desk are two faux raised panel doors. When closed, the cabinet appears as a normal cabinet with four doors

The shelving is adjustable with metal pilasters set into dados in the side panels. During installation, the pilasters were pre-wired in the event low-voltage rope lighting was desired for the shelving in the future.

Standing well over 8 feet tall, this project had to be assembled on site and then carefully positioned into place. The final tasks included installing small trim pieces to join the cabinets to the walls and bringing the electrical outlets forward into the cabinetry.

The finish is hand-rubbed Walnut Danish oil topped with several coats of clear satin lacquer.

NOTE: The desk proved to be a challenging aspect to this project. Alex decided to include its creation in his documented builds. To view the slide show, click here.

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