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Walnut Office Desk

This Walnut desk is a keeper...literally! Alex spends a lot of time at this desk as it is one he designed and built for himself.

The large L-shaped desktop provides ample room for computer monitor and keyboard. Suspended below the desktop is a small cabinet to house the computer. A tray is also mounted on the underside of the desktop at the back to keep all wiring and power components hidden from view. The image at the left was taken before Walnut grommets were installed into the desktop to bring the wiring up to the monitor and other devices.

Two file drawers are provided at the right side of the desk and feature raised panel fronts. The left side of the desk incorporates two shelves. The stretcher between the shelves and the file cabinet features a twisted band of Pine framed by Walnut strips.

A desk organizer was added with extendable reading lamps, drawers, and shelves for loose papers and such.

The finish is dark Walnut Danish oil topped with several coats of clear satin lacquer.

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