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Adjustable Shelving w/ Rope Lighting

Adjustable Sapele shelving dominates the wall in this home office conversion. At 104 inches tall and 89 inches wide, this unit provides 48 linear feet of shelving.

Produced as phase two of this office conversion, this unit continues the look and dimensions of the desk and shelving placed into the closet opening at the right.

A unique feature of this unit is the addition of low-voltage rope lighting installed behind the drop front of each shelf. The major advantage of this lighting approach is that items on the shelves are lit from above and from the front.

Power to each light is provided thru the metal shelf supports to contacts on the underside of the shelves. Regardless of where the shelves are positioned, the lights have power and there are no wires visible.

The finish is hand-rubbed wiping stain topped with several coats of satin lacquer.

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