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Pine & Walnut Bureau with Mirror Stand

This piece was perhaps one of the most labor-intensive projects for Alex in many years. From the original ‘box’ of the dresser to the design of the mirror frame, this project had artistic challenges at every turn!

The body of the dresser is solid Pine, hand selected for its appearance. The Pine is variegated with beautiful browns, reds, and ambers offering a striking appearance. Notice the red stripe running across the middle drawers.

After the panels were assembled, each was routed and inlaid with two strips of Walnut, as can be seen on the side panel and dresser top.

To create the drawer fronts, Pine boards were assembled to form a large panel from which the drawer fronts were cut. This produced continuous grain pattern across the front of the dresser.

The drawers are oversized and heavy-duty, being built with 3/4-inch furniture ply. All of the drawer slides are commercial slides for this project.

The mirror sits atop a base with four small felt-lined drawers and two angled doors at the ends. The top and bottom of the base are Pine and the framing for the drawers is Walnut. The drawers are assembled from Pine with Walnut scroll appliqués applied to the fronts. The shape of the base conforms to the Walnut inlay in the top of the dresser.

The uprights for the mirror frame were produced by sandwiching Walnut between Pine. The mirror frame is solid Walnut and is held in place by four small dowels to give it a floating appearance.

The piece was hand-rubbed with Walnut-colored Danish oil followed by a good old fashioned furniture wax.

The base of the dresser is solid Walnut as are the edges of the dresser top and sides.

This piece measures 6 feet wide, 6 feet tall, and 2 feet deep.

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