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Oak Workbench

So what do you design for a client that wants a large workbench with lots of storage space that may or may not be placed inside the home and money is no object?

The answer is this Oak workbench with Walnut trim!

Many of the features of this workbench were determined by the client's hobby - model trains. He needed a work area with good task lighting, access to the many small hand tools used, and lots of storage for small parts as well as larger items such as track sections.

The upper section includes a shelf flanked by two cabinets, each with one shelf. Suspended below the shelf is a 48" shop light. On the underside of each cabinet is LED task lighting angled to illuminate the work area.

Pegboard occupies the space below the shop light and provides convenient access to screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

At the rear of the bench top is a cupped tray for holding loose items. Flanking the tray are two drawer compartments, each with three drawers.

Mounted to the outside of the bench are four adjustable shelves.

The base includes a storage cabinet on the left behind flat panel doors and a six-drawer cabinet on the right. Spanning the two cabinets is a large, lower shelf.  Mounted above the shelf on the left cabinet is a tray designed to accommodate cordless drills or other items.

Multiple power outlets are provided - two below the pegboard and two on the front rail below the bench top.

Walnut accents and trim were added to the unit to provide contrast and to hide fasteners.

Shellac was chosen to finish this piece to highlight the beauty of the wood and to make it easy to maintain over time.

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