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Oak Cabinet w/ TV Lift

Alex won't divulge the world-famous entertainer that commissioned modification to this cabinet but he will admit to its unique challenges, the first being that the cabinet is aboard a yacht, moored at a marina many miles from town.

This Oak cabinet originally housed a large CRT TV behind the two doors on the right and audio/video components were located on shelving behind the door on the left. The interior compartments were gutted and the top removed to modify the cabinet to accept an electric TV lift system and flat-screen TV.

The first picture shows the TV just starting to rise out of the cabinet. Unfortunately, the batteries in the camera failed this day and Alex was unable to get pictures of the TV in its full up position.

The new lift system and TV left plenty of room at the front of the cabinet for new adjustable shelves to house audio/video components. This also left enough room on the other side of the cabinet for a small wine cooler to be installed.

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