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Monster Workbench

Monster, or perhaps Frankenstein, workbench is apt for this unit. It's at the center of every project in Alex's shop and has morphed over time from a simple workbench built around a radial arm saw to what it is today...a sort of all-in-one tool.

The initial design of this workbench centered around hosting the radial arm saw in the center of the bench. Since Alex never rotates the saw from its 90-degree cutting position, the dust collection box behind the saw was kept small and close to the saw.

The lower shelf is open and houses many tools and supplies that are used regularly.

Over time, many additions have been added to the workbench - shelves here and there, pegboard for hand tools, vises, electrical outlets, etc.

Eventually, a compound sliding miter saw was installed on the bench with a unique feature: it may be lowered onto the work surface when needed and then stored out of the way when not.

These are recent pictures...who knows what it will look like in the future!

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