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Miter Saw Workbench

The addition of a new saw to the shop gave Alex the opportunity to design and build a new workbench for himself.

Designed on-the-fly, the project started with common 2x4 studs, planed on both faces and then squared on both sides. This allowed for producing a large work surface support structure that is both stable and flat.

To accommodate the saw, the ends of the bench top are raised to align with the work surface of the saw. The mounting hardware for the saw included the ability to shim the saw so that it is level with the bench top.

With the structure for the top complete, attention turned to adding the legs and lower support members. Once these were finished, the Oak work surfaces were added.

With the bench now able to stand on its own, work continued building drawers and doors, as well as adding the side and rear panels.

The next item to address was dust collection. This was accomplished by making a curved cavity behind the saw where a 4-inch hose suctions dust away. To improve dust collection, removable wings were added at the sides of the saw as well as a removable dust shield between the wings. These items needed to be easily removed for the saw to rotate for miter cuts and replaced for most cross-cutting operations.

Electrical service was installed throughout the bench. Outlets on each end provide convenient access to power. Two switches were also added at the sides of the saw. One controls the shop light above the work area and the other included for future needs.

Materials for this bench include Sapele ply used for the work surface supporting the saw and for the cabinet end panels. Solid Sapele was used for the drawer fronts.

The work surfaces to the left and right of the saw are 3/4-inch Oak ply. The doors are 5/8-inch particle board.

While much of the wood was left unfinished, the Sapele was stained dark and the Oak work surfaced treated with natural Danish oil.


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