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Maple 'Guitar' End Table

This end table had an unlikely beginning. It all started with the little metal stand under the upper table top. Alex’s wife brought it home one day from part of a damaged shipment. Alex had some leftover Maple ply sitting around in the shop and cut the oval upper table top and the lower table top. He noticed that the lower table resembled a guitar body and the theme for the project was born.

The upper oval table top is banded around the outer edge with solid Maple as is the lower table top. Jigs had to be built to band the inner curves of the lower table and took several days to accomplish.

The sides of the table, below the guitar body, were constructed of Maple and Walnut strips 1/8-inch thick and 3/4 inches wide. Each strip was bent, glued into place and allowed to dry. Over the course of several weeks, the sides were finally completed.

The lamp shade started whimsically as an experiment to see if the design would actually be strong enough to use in the final piece. The back and top were cut and assembled and then the spars, to hold the Maple strips in alignment, were fabricated. Finally, the Maple strips were installed onto the frame.

The upright supporting the lamp shade is a faux guitar neck with Walnut inlay representing the strings and frets of a guitar. The back of the upright was routed to allow the wiring for the lamp to be hidden in the body of the upright. Two 4 watt bulbs in the shade provide a comfortable glow onto the table below.

The drawer features a curved front to conform to the shape of the lower table and provides convenient storage for loose items. Below the drawer is an open shelf for larger items.

On the sides and back of the table, Maple and Walnut racks hold magazines and such.

To maintain the contrast between the light-colored Maple and the dark Walnut, stain was considered inappropriate for the piece and two coats of high-gloss polyurethane were applied to finish the piece.

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