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Maple Cabinet Modification

Attention to details such as moulding profiles, cabinet hardware, and color matching made it possible to virtually hide modifications to this Maple entertainment center.

The existing projection TV was removed as well as two large pull-out shelf units adjacent to the opening. Two small horizontal doors were also removed from above the opening and replaced with a removable panel.

The retrofit included a new component cabinet at the base with wood-framed glass doors. Rope lighting was incorporated into the cabinet for accent during evening hours. An enclosure was built to surround the new TV that extends back into the cabinet to hide the interior when the TV is rotated on its base. New trim at the sides and a top are secured with friction fasteners that allow access into the TV cabinet when required. The small wooden box at the base of the TV hides the TV stand.

To match the new Maple with the existing cabinetry, several types of clear coats were tested. For this project, clear satin lacquer provided the best match.

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