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Curved Walnut Corner Desk

The inspiration for this desk was a suggestion by Alex's wife to create a corner desk.

As with many of his freelance items, Alex headed to the shop with only a general idea of what would eventually become this Walnut corner desk.

After several sketches of ideas, Alex settled on a curved back for the desk and set about creating that element. From there, the drawers and cabinets emerged as well as the desktop itself.

The curved railing and wings were added to present a unique appearance for the desktop and also serves to keep items in place.

A tray below the desktop provides location for a power strip and wiring when the desk is used with a computer.

The drawers feature framed, flat panel fronts and are equipped with rails to accommodate hanging file folders.

The finish is hand-rubbed Walnut Danish oil topped with several coats of satin lacquer. And since all sides are finished on this desk, placement is not limited to a corner.

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