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Concealed Walnut Desk

This small desk proved to be a big challenge! The client wished to have a small desk concealed in the base cabinets of a shelving unit. This resulted in a rare partnership of wood and steel as Alex attacked this challenge.

Constructed of predominantly solid Walnut, the small desktop provides enough room for a laptop PC - its intended use. A small drawer is fitted under the top and provides storage for loose items. Organizers on the lower inside panel allow for placement of loose papers.

When this cabinet was installed, existing power outlets were brought forward into the cabinetry and a power strip installed so wiring would not be an issue.

When not in use, the desk may be rotated into the cabinet and the faux raised panel doors on the front let it blend into the cabinet, concealing its true nature.

The finish is hand-rubbed dark Walnut Danish oil topped with several coats of clear satin lacquer.

As mentioned above, this desk was an interesting challenge for Alex. So much so, that Alex documented this project in detail. For an in-depth look into the project, click here.

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